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A fridge ( refrigerator ) is a frequent household appliance which is made up of a thermally insulated compartment plus a heating pump(mechanical, electronic, or substance ) that transports heat from the interior of the refrigerator to its outside environment so the interior of the refrigerator is chilled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of this space. Refrigeration is a vital food storage strategy in developed nations. Lower temperatures at a restricted volume reduces the breeding speed of germs, so the fridge lowers the rate of spoilage.A fridge maintains a temperature several degrees above the freezing point of water. Optimum temperature range for perishable food storage is just 3 to 5? F). [1] A similar apparatus that keeps a temperature below the freezing point of water is referred to as a freezer. The fridge altered the icebox, which has been a frequent household appliance for nearly a century and a half before. Because of This, a fridge is sometimes Known as an icebox in American use